At Advanced Document Destruction, we help businesses and agencies purge long-overdue document collections with our on-site mobile shredding service. If you have documents collecting dust and taking up precious office space, we can help!

We are a local Grand Rapids company, happily working with all Western Michigan area residents. We will work with you to develop a customized service plan around your unique needs.

Purging services for your convenience

As part of our on-site mobile shredding service, we provide 64- or 95-gallon carts for you to fill prior to the shredding process. We work out a collection time and schedule based on your needs. All material entrusted to ADD is destroyed on-site and you receive a document of destruction to confirm proper handling of these sensitive documents. Your Document of Destruction certificate includes company name and the amount of material destroyed. There is no need to remove staples, clips, rubber bands, etc. The high speed of our process saves time and money. What would take days on a time-consuming office "shredder" we can do in minutes. With purge projects, all you need to do is show us what you want removed and we will handle the rest.

Containers Provided

Banker's Box

Banker's Box

12.5'"W X 15.5'"D X 10.5'"H

Capacity: Approx. 30+ lbs. of paper

Large File Box

Large File Box

15'"W X 24'"D X 10.5'"H

Capacity: Approx. 50+ lbs. of paper

We are happy to shred the following:

  • Financial records
  • Payroll records
  • Personnel files
  • Legal documents
  • Canceled checks
  • Account records/ledgers
  • Information on competitors
  • Computer printouts
  • Medical records
  • Advertising misprints
  • Lottery tickets
  • Maps and blueprints
  • New product proposals
  • Inventory lists
  • Confidential correspondence
  • Memos
  • Customer lists
  • Tax records
  • Microfilm/Microfiche
  • Outdated business records
  • Invoices
  • Price lists
  • Magnetic media
  • Plastic credit and I.D. cards

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